Meet the Management Staff

Our Management Team Is Here For You!

Alfred Cardi, President - Mr. Cardi, “Al” has spent the last 35 years in the formalwear business- you might say he was born into it.    His grandmother started in the bridal industry a half a century ago, paving the way for future generations to branch off into tuxedos.  Al ran a successful retail operation in Bucks County, PA for two decades before moving into wholesale.  During the growth years running his own formalwear business, Al became passionate about the mechanics of production and wholesale caught his attention.  “A strong wholesaler is like a rainmaker”, Al says, “When you understand the industry and are willing to commit to excellent customer service, everything just works.”  The business model for BTW is the same today as it was 35 years ago.  We are passionate about customer service and we are dedicated to your success.   

Christine Nociti Cardi, JD, CPA -Chief Financial Officer/Advertising Manager - Christine oversees the accounting functions and contract management at BTW.  Christine was introduced to formalwear in the early 1990s when she was an employee of the Cardi family working in the retail store.  Christine handles customer credit, advertising, and other business functions for BTW.

Ray Spingler, Warehouse Manager - Mr. Spingler, “Ray” is the Warehouse Manager at BTW.  Ray oversees shipping, inventory management and quality control for the operation.  Ray is also passionate about formal wear, he too boasts a long career in the business.  Ray experience includes just under ten years at a busy South Jersey retail formalwear business before joining BTW in 2003.  Ray works with the attention to detail that matters, for the last 20 years BTW customers count on Ray for a “job done right”.    

Luz Bourgez, Alteration Manager- Many retail operations handle their own alterations for customers, but if your business focuses on sales instead, BTW offers alteration options so your products are delivered customer ready.  Luz oversees this function as well as any custom work requests. 



Brooke Cardi, Retail/Online Manager - Brooke oversees the retail divisions of Bell Tuxedo Wholesale.  Bell Tuxedo Wholesale owns a store called The Tuxedo Club located in Palmyra, NJ   This keeps everyone informed of what the retail store owner needs from us and having direct dealings with retail customers at this location.  Brooke also oversees the online retail company, National Tuxedo Rentals which is a nationwide online direct to consumer website.  We can also ship your customers direct upon your request. 


Carlo Cardi, Warehouse Operations - Carlo organizes and helps to run the day to day operations of the wholesale division.  Carlo currently attends Penn State College as well as works full time at the warehouse.