Policy Statement



New Account Set-Up:

All wholesale accounts are required to have a valid credit/debit card on file. Accounts must provide a complete and signed Credit Application in order to open an account with Bell Tuxedo Wholesale (“BTW”). Get started by filling out the New Account Application Form on our website. 

Placing Orders:

  1. Online: the easiest way to place orders is on our website, You will receive a confirmation email with a 6 digit confirmation number. This number can be used to delete, edit, or get replacements for an order. 
  2. Email: Send us your order using any format you prefer via email to
  3. Phone: Call BTW to place an order during regular business hours.  

Delinquent Returns/Damages:

  1. Remember, Your Return is Someone’s Delivery! 

BTW provides one UPS/FedEx Authorized Return Service (“ARS”) Tag inside each delivery for rental items. Place the ARS sticker over the original shipment label after use. Packages must be in transit back to BTW no later than the Wednesday following the Use Date or it will be subject to a full rental re-billing charge. Late returns must be returned to our warehouse at Account’s expense via the quickest means possible. Any lost items will be charged to your account. Items not returned to BTW within 30 days of the use date will be charged at replacement cost. 

  1. BTW will not ship an account that is delinquent in returning merchandise or in keeping their account paid up to date, including rebill and replacement charges.
  2. BTW provides a FREE DAMAGE WAIVER for each tuxedo ordered. This fee covers accidental or unintentional damage to our merchandise. We suggest that stores charge their customers a $5.00 to $10.00 (“Damage Waiver Fee”); this is commonly accepted practice in the formalwear rental industry. 

Replacement Costs: 


$75.00 to $175.00 


$40.00 to $65.00


$15.00 to $25.00



Long Tie/Cummerbund




*Amount depends on style


Permanent alterations on our garments are strictly prohibited. No removal of material or alteration of jackets inside the lining is permitted under any circumstances. 

Permitted alterations include:  

  1. Temporary alteration of jacket sleeves  
  2. Temporary alteration of trouser length.

For coat and pant hemming alterations, please allow up to 1/4 inch tolerance.

Exchanges or Replacement Requests: 

BTW charges $1.50 per exchange item to help cover the dry cleaning cost. If the exchange item was a result of a BTW error the Account will not be responsible for any fee or for shipping. If the Account makes the error, the Account will be responsible for shipping charges. 

Delivery/Shipping Policies

All orders are shipped UPS Ground unless otherwise specified or required. If orders for one week: 

$500 or more: BTW pays shipping both ways on ups/FedEx ground shipments only.** 

$251 to $499: BTW pays return shipping only. 

Less than $250: Account is responsible for shipping costs

**Account is responsible for shipping charges on Rush Orders. 


BTW schedules orders to be delivered two days or more before the use date unless otherwise specified. 

Payment Terms:

All credit card accounts are billed at the time the merchandise is shipped. Account Statements are available upon request. 

Rush Orders: 

Any order placed the Monday or later for same week use is considered a “Rush Order”. An additional $5.00 rush charge for each Rush Order. If expedited shipping is needed for the Rush Order, Account will be charged. 

Try-On Items: 

Try-on items are charged at ½ rental price and are subject to BTW approval. Try-Ons are not offered at discount during Peak Months (April/May/June). Try-on items are subject to availability. 

Drop Ship Options: 

BTW offers drop shipping to your customers directly for regular orders and exchanges. The order will be drop shipped to your customer along with a return label. Additional service charges for this service may apply. Drop Ship Options are also subject to certain restrictions. Shipping charges and any applicable additional rental charges will be billed to directly to Account. 

Liability & Warranty: 

BTW is not responsible for personal items returned by Account or Account customers with return garments. Account agrees that any claimed damages are limited to the invoice charge of nondelivered items. BTW shall have no liability for failure to deliver goods to the extent that such failure is caused by unforeseeable and unavoidable catastrophes, Force Majeure, or delivery failure caused by shipper or Account’s failure to provide BTW with adequate delivery instructions. By accepting the service of BTW Account agrees to the policy, terms & conditions included herein.